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Temperature gauge, in-line filters & filter kits

  • Remote Transmission filter kits & Temperature gauges.
  • For use with 5/16 & 3/8 transmission cooler lines.
  • Do not use on 1/2 or larger lines unless noted.
    Filters & Temperature gauges
    Part # Name Price

    # 13009

    TransmissionTemperature Gauge Kit

    Sensor installs in transmission pan. T-8010

    # 13090

    Remote Transmission filter kit for 3/8" lines *Standard kit

    Standard kit, includes an aluminum filter mount, Derale spin-on transmission filter, OEM-spec oil hose, brass fittings, stainless steel hose clamps and hardware.*NOT fitted or threaded for a temp gauge. For filter & temp gauge use # 13091

    # 13091

    Remote Transmission filter kit for 3/8" lines *Premium kit w/ Temp Gauge

    Premium kit, includes all of the same components as the standard kit plus an electronic temperature gauge with under-dash mount, sending unit, and connectors.
    Temp sensor mounts in the special aluminum filter mount.

    # 13092

    Replacement filter for remote filter

    Replacement filter

    # 15091K

    Remote Transmission filter kit for 1/2" lines *Premium kit w/ Temp Gauge

    Premium filter kit and temperature gauge for 1/2" lines, includes:
    15701- 1/2" High temperature hose 5ft
    13092 Filter
    15708 1/2" Filter mount with 1/2" hose barbs
    13009 Temperature gauge kit
    Temp sensor mounts in the aluminum filter mount.

  • Some late model cooler applications may require additional fittings when installing a cooler kit.
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